Colt Steele's MySQL bootcamp related question

I've just finished Colt Steele's "The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp" on Udemy and I have a question for those of you who are familiar with it and work with MySQL in your jobs.

The course left me with the impression of teaching me a lot of stuff but at the same time it all seemed very basic. Of course, I don't expect an online course to give me the skills and knowledge of someone who actually works with MySQL everyday, so I was wondering:토토사이트

What is the level of MySQL skills you use in your everyday jobs? Is what Colt teaches what you normally use or is it just the very basics and you normally use more advanced stuff?

Thank you for your answers.

if you are using python then it is likely that your code has python wrappers/abstractions around actual MySQL queries. eg: sqlalchemy But of course learning how SQL works helps you structure your queries in an efficient way, and helps you figure out what columns to add indexes to etc.