Executing wkhtmltopdf

Hello! I'm not sure if I'm confusing, but I have a problem to execute wkhtmltopdf. When I type apt list | grep 'wkhtmltopdf' in command line, I see the result as follows:

wkhtmltopdf/trusty 0.9.9-4 amd64

But I cannot execute it. Could you give me any advice for this? Thanks.

We don't have wkhtmltopdf installed -- the apt list command lists all Ubuntu packages, not just the ones that are installed on the system.

It's not installed because right now it's not compatible with our virtualization system (because it uses WebKit to render stuff and then generates the PDF from the rendered version). We're planning to upgrade the virtualization system in the near future, but right now it unfortunately just won't work. We do have a list of alternative packages that do work to handle PDFs on PythonAnywhere here.

I got it. Thanks.

Any update on the virtualization system??? I would like to have trial, is it possible?

It looks like I already answered you in another thread -- wkhtmltopdf is installed on the current system image but needs a beta virtualization feature enabled.