https -> 500 internal server error

i'm hosting a web2py app on, and it generally works great. however, for https connections i'm getting a standard apache server error. the site works great on http.

is there a current problem with https? is there something i can fix with the apache setup? i'm not sure how much i should try to mess around with the apache settings or what i'm able to.



Sorry. Looks like I introduced a bug after the deploy yesterday. Entirely my bad, but it's fixed now.

@greenpeanut...Love the name...but then again green is my favorite color and I'm a fan of peanuts...:)

@glenn -- thanks for the update! no worries. @a2j -- thanks! we're a fledgling company working on a used baby gear registry, which is what the name is for. so in this case green = environment and peanut = nickname for babies! i hope you like both of those as well. :-)