Help me

I accidentally made Conrad my teacher, how do I undo this

Mr. Ho is your new teacher

Just delete the username of your teacher from the form on the "Account" page, then click the checkmark button to confirm -- then you'll have no account set up as a teacher for yours.

I think I should stop using PA when I'm high



Why have posts been duplicating lately

I think some people (looks sideways at @dull) are double-clicking the "Add post" button accidentally, but I could be wrong.

i'm pretty sure that i'm not doing that; im using safari on ios 12.4.0

im gonna double-tap the "add post" button when submitting this post

The problem is definitely not caused by double-clicking the button, since that just causes the page to zoom in

@dull, Since it doesn't appear to happen all the time and doesn't happen to anyone else, we have to assume it has something to do with your environment or your usage in some way. That's, unfortunately, not something we can debug from here.

There is also a character input duplication glitch in consoles which happens on a slow internet connection

Interesting. You're using an iPad, right? Are you using the on-screen keyboard? Or a hardware one -- bluetooth or something like that?

I'm using a bluetooth keyboard, and this glitch occasionally happens when connected to poor cellular connection (via iPhone hotspot), but it never happens when connected to my amazing Cox internet at home. Switch to Cox.

Interesting. Perhaps there are sometimes very short disconnections when you're using the hotspot, and packets get duplicated? That would be odd, though -- I'd expect stuff like that to be handled at the network layer.

Do you use Cox?

don't think there's Cox Internet where I am

This is exactly why I'm staying in America