DNS hosting and PythonAnywhere

Hi there,

I have an exisiting app that works ( and I am following the instructions here: about associating a PythonAnywhere web app with my domain.

I am getting a Bad Request (400) errors though and not sure what to do.

I should probably point out that I am trying to get to load my web application. The CNAME records have been updated, (and the naked url has been redirected) so the url loads, but the problem is that doesn't work.

-- Andreas

Your DNS settings are correct and requests are going to the correct web app. The issue appears to be with the web app itself. Check your ALLOWED_HOSTS setting.

Oh of course I am so silly! Thanks glenn - may I suggest adding that note to the tutorial I was following!

Thanks a million,

-- Andreas

Another question related to DNS hosting - once I have made the "duplicate" application, can I delete the original one?

e.g. delete and only keep

Yes, you can. has nothing to do with