Git LFS Support

Does PythonAnywhere support Git-LFS (Git Large File Storage)? If not what would you recommend someone to do if they have a large sqliite database (1GB of data or more)?

Ok. I have added a ticket to get that added.


How will I know if or when the support has been added?

I have added your account name to the ticket as interested in it. So, when we have completed the ticket, we will email you and anyone else that has expressed interest.

Thanks Glenn!

Hey, did you guys added Git LFS yet?

Please let me know I'm badly in need of this!

no- LFS has not been added yet.

uhmm! Is there a way if this ticket could be solved/done at the earliest? I wonder so many people are waiting for this feature... And please let us know when its added.

thanks- we take the number of people who want the feature into consideration when selecting the next ticket to work on, but there is not guarantee on when we would select and work on the ticket

This should be a top priority, i have problems uploading my machine learning model, which is 150mb and your tutorial on uploading big files did not work for me.

Noted and ticket upvoted.