from import TwilioRestClient is not working

Hi there, Can you give us more details on the exact error that you are seeing? Here are some examples of details you could provide so we can better help you diagnose your problem:

  1. What is the full error message that you are seeing and can you give us a copy of the error stacktrace?

    Tip: If you were running code in the console, you should be able
    to see the traceback on your screen when your code errors. If
    you are seeing an error for your website, you will likely find
    it in your error logs. For a scheduled task, you can look at the
    task logs.
  2. Where on PythonAnywhere did you see this error, and what did you do to generate that error?

    eg: a step-by-step of you ran command1, then command2, then
    command3 fails all from within a PythonAnywhere console; or say
    first you created a webapp from our web tab, and then you setup
    a virtualenv from the console, and now reloading your website
  3. Can you reproduce the same error by following the same process again, or is it an intermittent error? Is there a particular recent code change that is causing this error, and does the error go away if you back out the code change and reload/rerun?

  4. Do you have any thoughts on what the issue may be, or is there anything peculiar about your setup that we may want to take into consideraiton as possible causes? Do you have any insights/guesses from your attempts to debug the problem so far?

Finally, here is a debugging guide that I recently created, do go through that next time you have any errors!. I would appreciate any feedback!