CNAME configuration not working - can't find the reason

Hello, Newbie here.

So I was trying to create a CNAME record at the registrar but at first couldn't find such option and I contacted them asking for help. They told me I have to create new DNS Zone and add CNAME record there. So I followed the instructions they sent me and added proper CNAME that I got from Web tab.

24hrs passed but it still doesn't work. Would you be so kind to advise me? Below is the configuration of mentioned DNS Zone.

It had other records created by default see here:

But I removed them so that there's only CNAME:

What am I missing?

Hmm, I would expect that you'd need the NS and SOA records for your zone, at the very least.

I think the problem in the first screenshot is that you have both an A record and a CNAME for -- the A record was probably masking the CNAME.

So I'd recommend getting the zone back to its default configuration, then deleting the A record, and finally adding the CNAME.


thank you for an advice. I returned to default configuration and removed A and added CNAME but it didn't work. Fortunately, I got help from the registrar, they set back the A record to an IP, see here: I'm not sure how does it work now, but it works. Thanks again!

OK -- glad they were able to sort it out!