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Would you consider changing the listing format for the forum topics to include the time of day? Or if not that for everyone expose a way for those of us who would prefer a different format to be able to set it ourselves?

As it is now unless I remember how many posts a topic lists I have to go into it to know if I've already read it, but if the time was listed I would be more likely to know the last time I looked @ the forum. If you don't like using time, perhaps it could say how many hours ago a posting was last updated.

Okay, you get the idea. And of course there could be some other way of doing what I'm trying to accomplish that you would prefer to my suggestions here.

Of course you are likely to suggest I just use the RSS feed. I know that is available. I'm just not a fan of RSS. So if that is the only option....well maybe I'll convert, but I'd prefer not to.

That sounds like a perfectly good idea to me, to avoid the potential for time zone confusion we could do it the way Stackoverflow do it and say "28 minutes ago", "4 hours ago" and "3 days ago". Would that work?

Also, you should totally use RSS. It's great! :-)

The SO model would work for me. The key issue (to me) is that it's too ambiguous now. So, basically anything that reduces the ambiguity would be a step in the right direction IMO.

Maybe eventually I'll be seduced by RSS. For the record what reader do you recommend? Perhaps my dislike for it has simply been a matter of method versus the technology...

Nice upgrade! I didn't expect it included in today's release, it was a nice surprise!!


Ooops, forgot to mention that! You're welcome :-)

Whoops I didn't see your question either - I just use Google Reader. Works well across all my devices and the various computers I use during the day.

+1 for Google Reader, I use it all the time.