Using custom domain

I have signed up for a account. I need to use my own domain. I already have a domain registered with

What do I need to do to use that domain at

I went through these instructions

With godaddy, I created a CNAME record that has the following:

This is how the records in GoDaddy look like

Records Last updated 18-11-06 12:39 PM

Type    Name    Value   TTL Actions
A   @   Parked  600 seconds Edit
CNAME   www @   1 Hour  Edit
CNAME    1 Hour  Edit
CNAME   _domainconnect 1 Hour  Edit
NS  @  1 Hour  
NS  @  1 Hour  
SOA @   Primary nameserver: 1 Hour

- The A record says parked. There are also 2 more CNAME records. What do I need to do to get it to work?

You should delete the CNAME record for -- the is automatically appended to the name you specify, so that one is actually trying to point the hostname at

Once you've deleted that one, change the existing CNAME with the name www to point to, and you should be all set.

(The one with the name _domainconnect is not a problem, you should leave that one.)