Newer version of python3.6

In my image (javabrett) python3.6 is 3.6.0. Could I get a newer Python 3.6 runtime (ideally 3.6.6) - does my image need to be updated?

Thanks Brett

Yes, we'd need to upgrade you to earlgrey for that -- it's a new system image that upgrades every version of Python (including 3.6.0 -> 3.6.6) and adds on Python 3.7.0. Would you like us to do that? There are a few caveats -- details in this blog post.

Please upgrade my image 'javabrett' to earlgrey/latest. I have read the blog and understand that all Python installs may be upgraded, as well as batteries-included packages.

Ok. That's done.


Confirming I did need to close existing consoles and create new in order to see the new image changes via a console. And as expected I had to drop and recreate the web app's virtualenv.