No Log Files

Hi, I m having problem with the Loging files. I m building a telegram bot and I m using github for versioning. Cause of this I loading my secret-key and api-key from some text files(that I dont push)

If I run the python script on the bash I can see the files are read correctly store into the variables, but my app won t run(It does if I store the values direct into the variable without reading them from the files). My error-log and My access-log are empty and I can t debug the problem.

Can you help me? Is it a known issue?

BR Njsao

how are you putting the file values into your webapp code?

with open('file'', 'r') as f: secret ='/n', '')

here :

is 'file' an absolute path or a relative path?

Oh I see, absolute path needed. I thought that couldn t be the problem cause running the python file into the console would read the files. My bad. sorry for wasting your time :(

Not at all, it's an important thing to point out to other PythonAnywhere users as well!

So the webapp may be running from a different working directory, which means that the relative path might point to a different location. In addition to using absolute paths, you can customize this under your PythonAnywhere webapp settings (under working directory).