Do not have permission to edit text file?

I have a .txt file. Its only content is a single 0. I cannot edit this file. If the value is anything else, I can edit it. My app can't edit it either, which is a bigger problem, since the file exists solely to track a value should the app stop unexpectedly. Much of the time, this value is 0, and I need to store that value. Right now, I can't. I can code around the problem, but I don't think I should have to. :P

that certainly should not be the case.

  1. where is this file?
  2. who is the owner of this file (eg: do a ls -l to see)
  3. what is the code you are using to edit it?

also- how do u chg it from 0 to non-zero if you can't edit it?

  1. /home/thedrew4u/someDir/myFile.txt
  2. thedrew4you
  3. The built-in editor on the website. ie: click the file, or the edit icon.

also-I delete the file from the directory and upload a version with contents that aren't the number zero.

when you say you cannot edit the file- do you mean that when you click the file/edit icon, nothing shows up? Or there is no edit icon? I'm a bit confused.

I have absolutely the same problem. A .txt file contains 0 and after creation I can't edit it, can't even open it. From the files tab it has no edit button and from the dashboard when I try to open it, I have "You do not have the permissions to edit /home/username/f.txt." but I am the "username" I created that file. IDK but for some reason 1 byte files can't be edited after creation or something, so it can be bypassed by concatenating some text to value and reading only the value from the file.

How interesting! Yes, you're right. It looks like a file that contains just "0" is being miscategorised as a non-text file. I've logged a bug, we'll look into it.