Whitelist request

I think api is not added in white list and perhaps that's why i m getting an error. Could you please add it?

please provide public api documentation pointing to the exact endpoint that you want to whitelist for us to add it to the whitelist! thanks! Thank you very much

Ok. I have whitelisted that for you.

Thank you so very much. Its working now. Thanks a lot. :-)

Thanks for confirming!

I'll be glad to add in whitelist

Send us a link to the api documentation that shows that endpoint.

Did you mean that :

Yup. That'll do. I have whitelisted based on that page.


hi could you please add to whitelist . documentation for api is

Unfortunately explicitly block access from our IP addresses -- we think as part of a larger block of AWS addresses -- so there would be no point in whitelisting it, as they just return a "forbidden" response to any requests made to their site from our servers.

Hi, Requesting you to whitelist apis from the below doc as it doesnt go through in my application


Specifically whitelisting these endpoints :

No problem -- is now whitelisted. Thank you very much is already on the whitelist.