CSS not updating

Hiya, when I make a change to a css file, sometimes it updates and sometimes it doesn't, tried reloading web app a few times but doesn't seem to want to update sometimes, any ideas? Thanks

Have you tried a force refresh, e.g. <Control> + <F5>?

That worked thanks, it's something to do with cache right? :)

yep - your browser caches content to be more efficient.

and to catch out us devs! I think most folk have been there many times...

Hi, i have deployed django website version 2.1.5, and included css and bootstrap libraries in the static file, but the design doesn't load. Please help.

See and

heyyy ctrl + F5 is pretty necessary :) I finally solved my mistake

Excellent, always good to hear the forums are a useful resource :-)

But if other user need to see the changes and he doesn't know the trick: control + F5?

if it's a new user accessing your site, they will see the updated files, as they never loaded the old files previously and so it wouldn't be cached.

if it is someone who has accessed your site before, you need to figure out what caching settings you want to set.

Hi, I have deployed flask website, and recently I added a new html file and a css file The html is okay but it seems that the css file is not working. The html is also working with previous css files I uploaded. What should I do? I tried force refreshing and using other browsers.

How are you serving the CSS files? Are you using our static files system?

Thank you. I tried this system. It works when I upload new CSS file but when I make changes on them, it doesn't show up on my web app.

Did you try a "hard refreshing" your site page (usually hitting Ctrl+F5 in the browser should work)?

oh thank you it worked!

That worked thanks.

Glad to hear that!