showSettingsMenu not changing font size

I want to change the font size in the editor. There is a help page ( on how to change the font size in the console, but not the editor.

When I bring up the showSettingsMenu (ctrl + ,) and change the font size from the default 12, the font does not change. Though I only want to change the font size, I should also note that changing any of the settings which take text input...

  • Drag Delay
  • Font Size
  • Options
  • Print Margin Column
  • Scroll Speed
  • Tab Size
  • Wrap Limit

also do not make changes in the editor. The check-box settings do make changes to the editor.

I am using Firefox 58.0.1. Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know! I can confirm I saw the same with font size, though for me the other ones did seem to work.

We'll get it fixed, but in the meantime you can change the font size in the editor by using control-plus and control-minus. You'll need to reload the page after doing that, though.

Yup, that is what I have been doing. And to be honest, it works pretty darn well; the layout of the site adjusts very well when zooming or changing the size of the window!