Django version 2.0?


Whenever I enter into bash console and type:

"django-admin --version"

I get to see the version 1.10 of django? Why is this? Can you please upgrade django to the latest version 2.0?

Many thanks in advance.

I would suggest installing django2.0 into a virtualenv as so.

Thanks, I did:

"pip3.6 install --user -U Django"

and it works! :)

i would possibly go the virtualenv route instead of the --user route btw, in case there are any conflicts between diff django versions

@ crypticx You typed in the command in which environment? In the Virtual environment?

The --user flag is for when you're not using a virtual environment. If you're using one, then just pip install should work fine.

Hey guys, is it possible to move whole app to the new virtualenv?

yes, you would need to find out the list of packages you installed by looking at your ~/.local/lib/pythonNN/site-packages directory, create virtualenv, install packages there and configure your webapp to use that virtualenv.

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@ppgallas do you currently have a virtualenv? You say a "new" one, but I'm not sure if you're saying that you want to move from an existing one to a new one, or if you're currently using packages that you installed with pipX.Y install --user ZZZZ.