Unable to load Jupyter Notebook


I can't load Jupyter Notebooks. In Firefox, I have a security alert: "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." and in Chrome an "Err Connection Reset".

Thanks for the help.

Are you behind a firewall or corporate proxy of some kind? Sometimes they mess with the connections that notebooks make back to our servers.

By default Jupyter notebooks are only visible on the localhost they are running on. Their docs have instructions for opening up access.

Personally I use SSH tunnels to get at Jupyter remotely. You would need a suitable grade of PA account to leverage that.

Hi @payg, @leonardofsales is talking about our official jupyter notebooks feature, which does not require any additional setup or ssh tunnels. But it is a premium feature...

@giles, you're right, my corporate proxy blocks the service, I can view the notebooks at home. Thanks!

Hey @payg and @harry, thank you too!

:) happy notebooking! from home at least...

Hi @giles, I'm a little late on this thread. I'm able to load consoles, edit files, run tasks, etc. (pretty much all features) from my work computer. However, the Jupyter Notebook tabs fail to load and time out.

I'll try at home tonight for comparison. But it's surprising that every feature except notebooks works just fine from my work computer. Any thoughts are welcomed!

Some networks block the ports that are necessary to connect to notebooks.

Sadly, I may be in the same boat here. We are pretty tightly locked down at work, and I was hoping that PA might be my route to using a jupyter notebook, but I'm also finding no connection to the kernel, and no notebook loading.

Anyone know a workaround to this? Perhaps what ports are being blocked, and/or any way to tunnel around them?

I'm already liking the plan I'm on. I'd hate to downgrade just because I can't this working. :(

The ports are 8887 and 8889.