Safely redirect/forward to while having an ssl certificate?

Hello. I am curious about how to set up redirection for a site that has an SSL cert. As of now my site only works if you type But the godaddy naked domain page shows up at I wish to go with solution one in this post: naked domains

However I called someone at go daddy and they did not recommend that I use forwarding.

They recommended that I get my web apps IP address and change the A record.

However after speaking with Pythonanywhere, they recommended against doing this.

Is there a way to safely redirect/forward to even though I have an ssl certificate? Maybe in the beginning I should have set the CNAME without the www? Is creating a second webapp my only solution?

BTW I force https so if one was to type http, they are automatically sent to https.

I may have gotten it using forwarding. I don't know why Godaddy initially suggested to use my IP in the A record. Now instead of "parked" it says "forwarded" under the A record. All appears to be working. The link above mentions it won't work with which is correct. But it works ok with, as well as they forward to now. Keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way haha.

The only problem with forwarding is that, although will work, will not. (that is explained in the naked domains help page that you linked to).