hey i need help with my cname and

this is my cname on

(After seeing the website not up last night i change the cname prefix to _www its still not up)

heres my python anywhere

please help me its been 2 days now and the wesite is not up

I see you sent a feedback message to us about this earlier, and hopefully you've received my reply -- but just in case (and also so that anyone else with similar problems will be able to find the answer here on the forums):

  • You need to set the "Prefix" on 1and1 to "www" -- no underscore.
  • Inside PythonAnywhere, on the web tab, you need to click the pencil icon next to the site's name, and change it from "" to "".

Once you've done that, your site will be visible at If you want people who visit "" to also see it, you can set forwarding up with 1and1 -- this appears to be the appropriate help page on their site

I cant put www without an underscore in front its required on 1and1???

Maybe you're not on the right part of 1and1's site? The page they show on this help page looks different...

@normankonja contacted us via email and it's now working -- looks like the link in that last post is the right one for setting up CNAMEs with 1and1.

@giles currently trying to get CNAME on 1&1 although it doesn't seem to work, what did @normankonja have to do to get this working?

@DiogoCosta -- it looks like they just followed the instructions on the help page that I linked to in my previous comment: this one.

@giles, managed to get it working, the UI isn't easy to navigate through.

Only issue is that works but not

@DiogoCosta for https to work, you can install Let's Encrypt free certs...

Also it looks that your naked domain has wrong IP address. You can redirect it via 1and1 option HTTP-redirect to

@DiogoCosta -- you're not alone, a number of people seem to find the 1&1 interface for CNAME setup confusing. If I remember rightly from other forum threads (or perhaps email) you're in the process of moving to a different registrar, though, so I guess that's OK.

Re: your other issue -- are you saying that works but not Or is it the other way around (in which case @Astronoms' first comment is the solution).

No worries its now working.

Currently got two domains the is with GoDaddy and .com is with 1&1. Currently, the GoDaddy domain is redirecting to the .com (1&1 domain) and yeah the user interface for CNAME is quite confusing. Only recently did I figure out what I was doing wrong.

https works but it states that my connection isn't secure, I did ask for SSL certificate from 1&1.

Just for completeness -- @DiogoCosta and I have ironed out the remaining issues over email.