webdev plans - static websites

When a Pythonanywhere plan says you can have up to 2 web apps, does it mean that you can have up to two websites with each one app inside? What if someone wants to host four different simple websites with custom domains on Pythonanywhere? Some of them might even have no database and no need for an app inside. Also, does PythonAnywhere consider a difference between these two terms: "own domain" and "custom domain"? I don't think the domain is provided for free anyways.

PS: I work with Django/Python. If my plan allows me 2 web apps, does it mean at most two different websites?

Hmm, our use of the word "web app" seems to be a bit confusing for Django users. We use them to mean different things -- essentially, we mean "websites", while Django uses it to mean a (potentially reusable) module inside a website.

So, if your plan supports two web apps (in the PythonAnywhere sense), you can have two websites. If they're Django sites, they can contain as many apps (in the Django sense) as you like.

"Own domain" is just what we used to call "custom domains" -- that is, it's a website on a hostname that is not

Hi giles, just a spot of feedback, because I was confused about this as well...

The "own domain" / "custom domain" thing is a touch confusing - on the account upgrade page, the Hacker account states the following: "One web app on your own domain or your-username.​".

The other account types state: "Up to [x] web apps on custom domains...".

If these actually mean the same thing, it would be helpful if the terminology was consistent. :)

thanks for the feedback! they do mean the same thing- we will have to update that page!