Can't create a new file in "Files" tab

Hi there,

I have a free account, which I'm playing with (full disclosure: I had another free account previously which I barely used, but I'm getting back into coding).

I tried to create a new file in the Files tab. When I move the cursor over the New File button, the "hand" cursor has a red "no entry" image over it, and clicking the button does nothing. The same happens when I try to click "New Directory".

This first happened while I was in the tarpit, so I assumed it might be that. I had previously created a couple of files, and I thought maybe a free account had a limit, so I deleted them - but I still have the problem.

If it's relevant, I'm accessing the site via Chrome on a Chromebook.

Have you entered a filename or directory name in the filename field next to the button? The button won't work if you haven't said what you want to call your new file.

Yeah... THAT'S not embarrassing at all. :-)

Thanks, that was it. Amazing to get such a quick reply on a Sunday, by the way.

Heh, you're not the first person to trip over that -- we're considering just getting rid of the text fields and popping up a dialog to ask for a filename. It would be similar to the way Windows works, which is both a good and a bad thing :-)

I think that would be more intuitive.