How long can I be in the tarpit?

Hi guys, I'm currently needing about 4000 secs of compute per day for an experiment I'm running - squarely in between the manageable $12/mo price point and the much less manageable $99/mo a price point.

It's actually probably fine if the compute time is slower after the first 2000 secs, until it resets about 10 hours later, but I'm wondering at what point will you kill my processes? In your FAQ you mention:

Once processes are in the tarpit however, we reserve the right to kill them if your usage starts to negatively impact other users too much -- and in particular, if you somehow manage to use more than ten times your quota.

So, you won't kill my processes until I hit 20,000 secs?

Under normal circumstances, yes -- things will keep running until you use 20,000 CPU-seconds. We do reserve the right to kill them earlier than that, but to be honest I don't think it's ever been necessary to do that for anyone.

That said, you can actually customize your plan so that you get more CPU without paying $99/month -- head over to the "Account" page and click the "Customize your plan" button -- that will pop up a dialog where you can adjust the number of CPU-seconds to suit, and will give you a quote before you switch.