Can't get my script to run

Hello, my script scrapes weather data starting on Jan 01, 2017 and populates a gsheet with historic and forecast data. I want to change the start date, so I made the change over here:

def scrape_history_data_once_local(self):
        earliest_time = datetime.datetime.strptime("01.10.17 00:00", "%d.%m.%y %H:%M")

I got an error message saying that I need to upgrade gsheets, so I did that. After doing that I got the the following errors:

13:14 ~ $ python
Warning: Could not get headers. 'cache-control'
Warning: Could not get headers. 'expires'
Warning: Could not get headers. 'x-forecast-api-calls'
error e:Bad response, status code: 193,lat:39.466671,lng:-8.2, insert forecast data failed
Warning: Could not get headers. 'cache-control'
Warning: Could not get headers. 'expires'


An ideas of how I can my script to run again would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot, Sand

It looks like the scraper code you're using is saying that it got a bad response from the server. What does the code do?

Thanks a lot for your reply ;) The code scarpes for historic and forecasted weather data and populates a Google sheet with the information.

Right, but what code are you using to do that? Is it something you wrote yourself?

No, a freelancer did that- The code was running fine, just when the gSheet has reached its limit it stopped.

So, I cleared the gSheet and changed the start date for the the historic data.

When I first tried to run the script with the new date I got the message that the pygsheets module was missing. When I tried to install it it said that the module was already installed but needed to be updated. After I updated it I got the errors that I posted above.

Can I share the code with you? Or the bash?

You're running your code in one version of Python and installing things into a different version of Python. Make sure the 2 versions of Python are the same. See for details.

Oops. Ok, thanks a lot. I will check out the link ;)

so my weather scraper is in 3.6 and I was installing into 2.7?

sorry, but I can not get it t work. Do you know if i can schedule a screen sharing session with someone that can help me. I am happy to pay for that, but I would love to get the script up and running. :(

Try CodeMentor - there's a link at the top of the main Forums page.

Thank you :)