"Something went wrong."

Hi, There is one strange problem. I have a line in as:

And it worked before.

If I turn it on and visit my website, it shows the message "Something went wrong." and even doesn't show the error log.

As I put a "#" before the line, disable it, and the website works.

I checked my and everything just like before when this line worked well.

So what can possibly wrong then?


What does your error log traceback say?

It didn't even show the link to error log. Last time it were shown, it said that my timezone was not correct. But I hadn't touch it at all.

we don't put links to your error long on the error page unless we detect that you're logged into pythonanywhere (we assume you don't want your actual end-users seeing links to error logs).

you can always find your error log on the web tab:

OK, I think you are right, it is better this way.

Just to clarify, were you able to fix your error by looking at your error logs?