requests 403 problem

Hello all,

I have a little webscraping script which basically pulls price information for two financial products (Vanguard LifeStrategy 100 and gold). I've been using the 'requests' module with some success, but today I try and I'm being confounded with 403 errors whereas previously it was fine (this is to do with the sites not being on the whitelist, I think?).

The two urls are:


Has anything changed recently which would have made those links suddenly throw up a 403 error?

Any chance they could be added to the whitelist, if I've understood the problem correctly?

Cheers MF91

Hi there, neither of those sites are on our whitelist so they wouldn't normally be available for free users... I'm not sure how it could have worked before?

if you think either of those are eligible to be on the whitelist, ping us the details requested here