mongodb multiple collections vs embedded

Hi everyone. This is really a mongodb design question. I was reading this slide:

I have a hierarchy to track that includes info such as:

- users
    - id
    - email
    - projects
        - actions
        - etc

so a giant embedded structure could work, but multiple collections seems cleaner to search and just to think about. It seems relational in some way. Any advice from all the other mongo users here? Thanks.

hi there, just to say, altho we have lots of people using mongdb on board, i'm not sure many of them read these forums regularly, so do cross-post elsewhere if you're not seeing much response on here...

Thanks a lot, harry. That makes sense. I'm checking with some other folks. For some reason, I prefer to get perspective from python and pythonanywhere users in a similar boat. I suspect I'll have a follow-on python or pythonanywhere question.

Right now I think I'll try multiple collections.