EU Location Mismatch


I tried to switch to hacker account, but I got this:

I only have a French card (same for Paypal), but now I live in China. I can use a VPN to get a US ip address, but it doesn't seem to help here.

Any suggestion (aside from going back to France) ?

Thank you.

We really wish we didn't have to put that restriction in there! It's an EU tax thing -- they insist that if we receive a payment from someone, and they either have an EU card or an EU IP, we need to make sure that the card's country and the IP address are both from the same country. This doesn't seem to help much with freedom of movement or intra-EU trade...

So anyway, the problem is that your card is registered in a country in the EU -- that means that we have to check that your IP address is in the same country, ie. France. Using the VPN didn't help because the IP address was in the US, so it still didn't match the card's country.

What if I have someone do it for me from there (log in and pay with EU card + EU ip) ? Will there be a problem when using my account again from out of EU ? (is it a one-time thing or a permanent issue) Thanks.

That would work fine. It's all about the IP address of the browser that's setting up payments and the country in the address for the card. Once we have the information from that point in time, you're all set.

That said, the problem would re-occur if you wanted to switch to a different account type, though (unless you were downgrading to a free account), as then we'd need to update our payment records.

Great! Thanks again.

No problem!

One thing I just noticed in your last post, though -- what's important is not just that it's an EU card and an EU IP -- they actually need to be from the same country. So, for example, a French card and a German IP would not work. The basis of the law was to make sure that every customer pays the correct VAT rate for their own country -- French people pay VAT at the French rate, and the tax goes to the French government, and likewise for every other EU country.

Customers who are outside the EU (both in terms of their card and their IP address) are exempt from any of this -- they don't pay any VAT, and it doesn't matter if their IP address and card are from different countries, so long as both countries are outside the EU.

Ok Giles, got it, same country for the card and the IP.