Kernel of Jupyter Notebook keep dying and restarting

I have checked the existing posts and make sure all the kernels are killed. But I still keep having this problem when running the Pytorch tutorial.

which pytorch tutorial is this?

@conrad It is autograd_tutorial, I failed every time when trying to calculate the gradients at out.backward()

I see from the docs that PyTorch uses "acceleration libraries" such as Intel MKL and NVIDIA. If you run the 60 minute blitz -> autograd tutorial from a python shell/python script, you will see the error message:

Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load <mkl-loader>.

I wonder if there is a way to switch this off. (eg: for numpy, it doesn't fail when it can't find Intel MKL, but I guess PyTorch expects it and fails hard when it doesn't find it)

Alternatively, you can try to compile MKL manually and link/set up the paths so that PyTorch can find it. (not 100% sure if this is possible) We will also raise a ticket to get it installed during one of our package builds.

Thanks a lot! @conrad