Suddenly getting a white "Unhandled Exception" screen

What is this white screen about? Where is the normal Django-generated color exception screen? The only edits I've made lately have been to HTML templates, not my't figure this out. Thanks!

"Unhandled exception" usually means that for some reason we were unable to create or get the WSGI application for your web app. That usually means an import error in your WSGI file. Have a look at the error log for your web app and there will usually be a stack trace that will let you know what happened.

@glenn The error log is currently a blank white screen. Is that normal?

Also strange--Django is running because I can get a Django 404 page if I try to go to or some other page that doesn't exist; furthermore if I go to /logout/ I get redirected to /login/ which indicates my is in play.

In a bash console, I entered " validate" and got "Error: Settings cannot be imported, because environment variable DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is undefined." But when I look at the WSGI file it's totally there. What am I missing here?

Django admin does not know about the wsgi file. You need to set the environment variable in the console you're using.

This just fixed itself. Thanks for your help glenn, esp. on a Sunday.

Good to hear it's working! It's odd that it fixed itself, though. Is there anything in the server log? That can sometimes help with weird problems (though it does often have some odd stuff in it -- one of the components of our web hosting system has a strange taste in error messages...)

Hi @glen,

I am facing same issue. Please do help me. My website is very important for me. I am using ReactJs as frontend.

Thanks for your time.

@kary what is your exact problem?