Creating a new Django project on Python Anywhere tutorial has at least two issues


[EDIT: Just one issue and the other is now a suggestion in my 3rd post.]

I was trying to work through the tutorial and got stuck after hitting an error when working through the section entitled "Configuring the database and enabling the admin interface". There seems to be a typo in the code you have listed to paste? The penultimate line reads:


This throws an error when you try to execute "./ syncdb", and so I changed it to:


and that worked. I'll post the error that made me think this needed to be edited as a follow-up.

Thanks, Wayne

here was the original error I got copying and pasting what is currently on the tutorial:

01:18 ~/mysite $ ./ syncdb
Traceback (most recent call last): File "./", line 11, in <module> import settings File "/home/wayne461/mysite/", line 122 'mysite.myapp`, ^ SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal

I thought I'd also append that I had problems at the next step too because I hadn't changed one thing because I thought the line ' (Replace mysite.myapp with your-project-name.your-app-name if neccesary.) ' included all I needed to change.

But it might be nice while fixing that quote typo and to tell people to also fix the line that says '/home/<my name>/<my_test_project>/db.sqlite' too?

Thanks, Wayne

Cool. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll make that step more explicit.

I got another issue. Could someone please look into 'ViewDoesNotExist' problem. I follow the tutorial. Got my database, got templates directory, got views and url's updated, and when I try to connect to my web app i get that exception with value: 'Could not import mysite.myapps.views. Error was: No module named myapps.views'.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, Bart

Do you mind if I take a look at your code? That error sounds a bit weird.

One possibility -- did you put something in that referred to mysite.myapps.views instead of mysite.myapp.views?

Great help there, stupid typo, which I couldn't see. Thank You for support.

Excellent, glad we could help!

giles ftw!!