Exit manually from within "Bash console here"?


  1. Have a Python program (file, extension .py) in some directory in my account
  2. Go to Files tab
  3. Navigate to directory with above file
  4. Double-click on the file to open in PythonAnywhere editor
  5. Click "Bash console here"

Console opens in lower half of browser window. Buttons "Run this file" and "Bash console here" no longer visible. (That's OK because there's a "Run" button upper-right, and no need to open a console here when one is already open.)

Now I would like to close the console. I know I can go to the Dashboard to do that, and then start at step[2] above again. But isn't there a way to close the console by typing something at the console itself?

I tried exit() and quit() and CTRL-Z but none did it.

I think exit (without the ()) and ctrl+d exits the console.

exit() works for me