Upload a web2py app

Hello, i have a web2py app already packed in my pc and i want to upload it here, then i enter to admin interface and follow the instructions but when the file is 73% uploaded the web browser crashes and the process fail. How can i fix this?

How big is the file? Can you try a different web browser?

An alternative would be to sync it up via Dropbox...

Ah, hang on, you mean upload via the web2py admin interface... I think we're seeing a similar issue. We're investigating now, will get back to you...

Try this: open a bash console, then

cd web2py

And when it asks you for a password, just hit Ctrl+C.

Then try uploading your app again. Let me know if it works, and we'll get to work on fixing our wizard so in future people won't need to do that stuff manually...