embeded pygame script


Hours, and hous of research later, and I am unsucsessful. I was wondering if it were possible to embed a pygame game (with more than 1 module + images, text files and music) into a python flask HTML page?

I have spent the past 4 months on a pygame game, and now I can not distribute it! Py2exe, cxFreeze, and pyinstaller have all failed me (I seem to be the only person on the plannet with this issue), and at this point, I just want people to bee able to play my game!



Unfortunately I don't think there's any way of doing that in an automated fashion; the way websites work and the way stuff running locally works is so different that it would require something closer to re-implementation than just embedding :-(

I may be wrong, of course. But I certainly haven't seen anything that can do that.

Is their another way I can distribute my pygame game which is better?

Personally I'd try to use one of the tools you mentioned earlier, just like you did. Maybe others here could help -- or, if you haven't already, maybe someone on Stack Overflow could help with any specific problems you have with those tools?

Thanks for your help! I realy appreciate it! : )

Sorry I couldn't give more useful information :-(