Random Errors running the uWSGI application messages?

I am very curious of why the error shows up on the error.log

2017-01-10 01:00:47,509 :IOError: write error
2017-01-10 01:00:47,510 :Error running WSGI application
2017-01-10 01:00:47,510 :GeneratorExit

Server.log shows this

2017-01-10 01:00:47 Tue Jan 10 01:00:47 2017 - uwsgi_response_writev_headers_and_body_do(): Broken pipe [core/writer.c line 287] during GET / (
2017-01-10 01:00:47 RuntimeError
2017-01-10 01:00:47 : 
2017-01-10 01:00:47 generator ignored GeneratorExit
2017-01-10 01:00:47

I am not sure what caused it. I mean, I don't see any downtimes with my website at this moment, though it would be great if it doesnt spam the error log with unknown messages.

that error is when you are loading a page but then navigate away before the page is fully loaded

Yup, like bfg says, those are errors caused when a browser connects to your site, starts downloading stuff, and then kills the connection before it has managed to send everything back. That can happen if someone clicks away or closes a browser tab while a page is loading, or if someone is viewing your site over a wireless connection and the connection drops, or anything like that. You'll normally see a few of these -- even if no-one ever clicks away while your pages are loading, the Internet isn't 100% reliable so there will be disconnections.

They can be a sign of a real problem under specific circumstances; if you suddenly start seeing loads of them, it's possible that your site has suddenly started running really slowly, so lots of people are giving up waiting for pages to load.