Used web2py 'deploy' but uploaded files don't appear to be editable?

The project uploaded at directory web2py, but when I go into the files console the individual files are listed but the only button alongside each is the download button. This works, but why no edit (nor delete for that matter)?

which file in particular are you trying to edit?

I was trying to edit my I had not yet set up mysql database, wanted to point to the uploaded sqlite test database.

Suspect that the web2py 'deploy' process actually didn't complete properly. Maybe I need to go around the web2py/admin deploy route which seems to be a bit flaky. E.g. by creating web2py project on pythonanywhere, zipping and uploading my entire project and then unzipping over the top of the created pythonanywhere web2py project.

is it just or other files as well?

maybe you changed the file's permissions?

It might be worth pinging the web2py Google group -- maybe someone will know more about how the deploy system works?

I think the first attempted 'deploy' from the PC's web2py console failed midway. It looks as if web2py/ was fully populated with the project files, but all missing write permissions. I was able to delete after using chmod -R a+w web2py in order to try again (perhaps I was too impatient and closed the admin console on the PC too soon).

I decided to try deleting the web app and files and try creating a new web2py app within PA. I could then zip my app (init directory), upload and unpack it. HOWEVER it now appears the web2py directory's permissions are currently set in such a way that I can neither delete, nor chmod to change permissions! I think it will take some action at PA before I can proceed.

That's very strange! I've recursively changed the permissions to be readable to all (other people can't see your home dir, so that's fine) and added owner-write permissions.