setting up twisted server on PAW

i wrote a kivy client-server app with the server located on PAW written with bottle. i am also new to programming. i am trying to include in app chat/messaging capability to the app. i have been learning twisted for network communication and i am not sure if twisted server can be used alongside with my bottle server. all the example i have seen in books or in kivy documentation used a local host ran in the command line that listen on port 8000. is it possible to have that server on PAW? if yes what port should it listen too. sorry if the question seems stupid.

here is the example in the kivy documentation twisted client-server

That sort of server probably won't work on PythonAnywhere.

are there any options that you can recommend?

Thank you

you can run any of the django/flask/bottle/web2py/custom (eg: cherrypi) servers that are wsgi compatible. unfortunately most asyncy stuff (eg: tornado/twisted) don't play too well with the wsgi protocol (since it doesn't support doing things asynchronously).