Console font unreadable

Earlier today, while using a PythonAnywhere bash console on a chromebook (so using a Chrome browser), I noticed the pound symbol (#) was replaced with the British pound symbol (£). A couple other characters are also different: the opening bracket ( [ ) was replaced with an ( i ), and the closing bracket ( ] ) was replaced with the french character ( ç ). The file was unaffected- the line was still treated as a comment, so I'm assuming the issue here is with character encoding? A problem with UTF-8? I also opened the console on my iPhone to see if the problem persisted (using Safari), and it did. Hours later, I open the same console, and the characters have changed again. I type "cd Projects/Python", but get "␌␍ P⎼⎺┘␊␌├⎽/P≤├␤⎺┼". I've noticed so far that capital letters (the 2 P's), slashes (forward and back), numbers, special characters (!@#$%^&*()-_=+[]) appear normally, but all other characters are unreadable. I have no idea what's wrong. Please help.

EDIT: Resolved by killing console and opening a new one.

That's weird. I have no idea what might have caused that. Has anyone else seen something like this?

I wonder, had you tried to view (using, say, cat or less) a binary file shortly before this happened? Sometimes that can mess up your terminal settings, as the bytes can be interpreted as terminal control characters. It's a hard situation to get out of, though running stty sane sometimes helps.