Does pythonanywhere have provisions for server push/reverse ajax/comet ?

I tried long polling, and it kind of works - sometimes, a bit. I think it causes too high server load, causing very slow responsiveness.

Hey there, we're currently experimenting with the sockjs library, which we're hoping will provide better connections than socketio, which we're currently using... Server load doesn't seem to be a problem, it's more about unreliable connections... Watch this space!

Ah, re-reading your post, I wonder if you mean "can I use server push from my PythonAnywhere web app?".

the answer to that is: no, not at the moment. We currently only support WSGI-based web apps, so that pretty much limits you to standard request/response protocols. We're looking in the medium-term to offer more flexible solutions, including the ability to make arbitrary socket connections. It will probably be a paid-for feature though.