Web2py on PythonAnywhere

How do I deploy web2py on PythonAnywhere from Dropbox shared folder?

Hi Lazarof, I saw you posted this on stackoverflow as well, so I answered over there - take a look:

Incidentally, I took a look at your error logs, and saw you were using django-articles - that's what I use for my blog too! so I can definitely confirm it works with pip install --user, but you do have to also add that ~/.local/lib/site-packages folder to sys.path as well...

Hi Harry!

Wen I follow these instructions: how-do-i-deploy-web2py-on-pythonanywhe

every thing work perfect.

But when I change the path to: path = '/home/my_username/Dropbox/web2py'

I get (/var/log/apache/error.log):

[Wed Dec 07 10:23:06 2011] Traceback (most recent call last): [Wed Dec 07 10:23:06 2011] File "/mnt/user_storage/webapps/lazarof/", line 64, in main [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] File "/mnt/user_storage/webapps/lazarof/", line 56, in get_application_with_error_logger [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] File "/var/www/", line 51, in <module> [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] from wsgihandler import application [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] File "/home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py/", line 33, in <module> [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] import gluon.main [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] File "/home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py/gluon/", line 68, in <module> [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] create_missing_folders() [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] File "/home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py/gluon/", line 439, in create_missing_folders [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] os.mkdir(path) [Wed Dec 07 10:23:07 2011] OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py/deposit'

Can you help me to find the solution?

Hi Lazarof,

Unfortunately our dropbox integration is down at the moment - we hope to be able to get it up and running again within a day or so...

I am still waiting for any recommendation ...

Hey, Dropbox is still down I'm afraid, do you won't be able to sync any changes (unless you switch to github or something!)

We can still maybe have a look at the issue. It looks like a permissions problem. What happens if you:

chmod -R +gw ~/Dropbox/webp2py

And do a "Reload Web app"?

Hi Lazarof, while we are still waiting to sort out this current dropbox issue (which is going to involve the deploying of a new version) I can make a comment. From reading that traceback it seems that you have a permissions problem.

"/home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py/gluon/", line 439, in create_missing_folders 
 OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py/deposit'

If you try opening up a python console and running the command

>>> import os
>>> os.mkdir('/home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py/deposit')

You should get a similar error message. You could then change the permissions on the directories involved until you get it to a working state. Are you familiar with Linux permissions? Something to remember is that this script is being run with your permissions. So the script is run as user Lazarof with the group registered_users

Basically you could run

chmod g+w /home/Lazarof/Dropbox/web2py

And that should fix this particular problem.



Thank! You are very patient!

The problem is that I have no permission to change ~/Dropbox chmod. I am not the owner or am I?

Dropbox is a special folder that is mounted in from outside. So it does have different permissions and no you are not the owner. We have to do this to provide Dropbox support across different users. You can't create folders inside it. However you can do things to the folders inside those folders because you are a member of the group that owns these files. Does that make more sense?