How to use Python 2.7's Django 1.3.1 by default?

Apparently PythonAnywhere uses the Python 2.6's Django 1.3.1 by default (based on my error log). I've tried rummaging through the settings but to no avail. Is there any (non-hackish) way to set it to run by default on Python 2.7?

Unfortunately we only support Python 2.6 for web apps right now -- however, fixing that is high on our list, and I've added an upvote on your behalf which should push it still higher.

Do I have to manually check the version to see if this is already resolved or is there somewhere I can tune into regarding this issue?

We'll send you an email when it's done.

Also, if you keep an eye on our blog then you'll see all release announcements there.

Alright. Thanks for the response and awesome work!

2.7 is now the default for webapps - let us know if everything looks ok!