can i run dev server (same as django devserver,...) here?

can i run dev server (same as django devserver,...) here?

Hi ta2013,

No need to run the django dev server (./ runserver). Just configure your django app under the Web tab of the dashboard and visit the resulting site at That is the correct way to do development on this site.

I have a follow up / related question... if i have the basic (free plan), i only get 1 host. So the host is both my development host and production host, right?

if i have the $10 (plan), i only get my own host. So the host is production. But then can i create and and how do files work?

The Hosting plan only supports one web application per user. So, and will all be pointing at exactly the same code. That's probably not what you wanted ;)

We're planning on releasing a new Pro plan that includes hosting for a number of sites, but we won't have it ready for a while. We haven't announced this widely yet, but we're dropping the price of the Hosting plan to $9 and anyone that signs up for the Hosting plan between now and when we release the Pro plan will automatically be upgraded to the Pro for $9 when it's available.