Can I implement AdSense in my Python App under free PythonAnywhere account?

Hi there,

I am trying to paste AdSense code in my Python App. But its not working. Any clues??? I have a free account with PythonAnywhere.


Are you seeing any particular error when you say that it is not working?

Thanks Conrad, No, I am not seeing any error. Just blank space, as if the ad is invisible.

Hm. Maybe talk to Google, see if they have some ideas? We're not really experts on AdSense here...

I am having this problem as well, were you able to get this figured out? I just set up my web app and the adsense worked when running on localhost but not on python anywhere.

My hope was that I could get enough traffic going that adsense could help pay for a monthly membership.

Check the developer tools in your browser. There may be errors there that show you what's going wrong.

As it turns out Google Adsense is banned from the PythonAnywhere Domain. They don't want their ads on test websites.

oh. is that documented anywhere? or is that something you heard from Google support directly?

I saw it here:

That's got nothing to do with PythonAnywhere directly, it has to do with using non-www subdomains (which Google don't like for some reason) That means that will not be allowed, but a custom domain will (as long as it either doesn't have a subdomain or uses www)

Subdomain is not allowed you need to shift to a proper domain How did he get the code in the first place ? was subdomaine allowed 2 years ago?

How did he get the code in the first place ? was subdomaine allowed 2 years ago?

No, I think it was just never allowed -- that's why this forum topic started.