Web2py auto-setup wizard

Thought I would mention, the auto-setup wizard for web2py doesn't setup port the admin password as it seems to indicate (since you're sticking the admin password in there). There's no "" file created in the web2py directory.

Also note, web2py just creates an MD5 hash of your password, and uses that in the standard parameters format. You don't have to start up web2py to write out your parameters file (easier to call directly in python for me, but you could do this pretty much however you want):

import hashlib
with open('', 'w') as f:
    f.write('password="%s"' % hashlib.md5('password').hexdigest())

Heh, finally used the edit feature I'd been moaning about in the forums. Very nice guys, I like it.

Excellent. Thanks for pointing that out. There was no point originally, because we didn't have SSL, but now that we do, we should set up web2py correctly.