Attempting to connect with Dropbox, no confirmation email.

After trying to connect you dudes up with my dropbox account by creating a shared folder and inviting your email, nothing happens. Are all these requests handled by hand or are they automated because i've been waiting for about 20 minutes now and i'm pretty eager to get going!

Cheers - Richard

Hi Richard - our Dropbox server had a hiccup this afternoon and a few sharing invitations got dropped. I've just been through them and manually processed them all, so you should be up and running now - if not, let us know here in the forums or via the send feedback link above and we'll have a look.

Ah thanks Giles!

Loving the service, it's fantastic.

I'm getting this problem too. I made a Connect to Dropbox request yesterday afternoon and never got confirmation from pythonanywhere.

I reinvited the pythonanywhere dropbox account this morning... hoping it can get resolved?

Thanks, Brett

Should be resolved now.




Same issue. I made a request and did sharing, but haven't got any confirmation. I also see that Sharing status of the folder in Dropbox shows "Still waiting".

Hope you can help me in resolving.

Thanks! Michael


Same issue here. Dropbox shows "Still waiting" and haven't got confirmation...

@mkalika: Welcome to PA. They will be sure to fix this right up for you!!

@pynuke: Ditto.

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Fantastic support, now all are running correctly...

Glad to hear it!! Enjoy the service.

Thank you for the great support! Everything works perfect :-)

Hi Guys, I think this problem has happened again.. I went through all the steps to share a folder but I never got any confirmation message. I tried several times during the day.


@c0nstantin3: Welcome to PA.

I hate to ask, but since you didn't mention it...did you double check your SPAM folder? You probably did, but I just didn't want you waiting on the PA staff if indeed your solution was already waiting.

I don't personally use DropBox, so I can't confirm whether it's currently working or not.

Hello I also added my dropbox account yesterday and I have not get my confirmation email. And yes I checked my SPAM folder

@basix: Welcome to the PA community.

It's almost business hours where the PA staff call home, so I'd bet they will be looking at this shortly.

We've been having lots of trouble with Dropbox recently. We're investigating and hope to have it sorted out by the end of the day.

Great, thanks for your help guys. It is working fine now [confirmation message arrived and syncing OK].

Absolutely great my dropbox syncin works too. Thanks guys.

Woot!! Glad to hear all is well for both of you!

Excellent, thanks for confirming! It looks like our Dropbox server is running fine now, though there were a few patches overnight when it was a bit slow while it was catching up.

i'm trying to share a folder but nothing in the files / dropbox, tried lot's of times, different dropbox (i have 2) accounts and folders, no luck.

Hi! Same here, have tried to connect to both of my dropbox accounts, to no avail....

Hmm, will investigate.

Has this been resolved for everyone? The service just needed to be restarted.

0  1  *  *  *    /usr/bin/service dropbox-sync restart


I suspect that would make our server very unhappy... :-)

I'm having issues with this, send the share out about 6 hours ago, dropbox still says "Just me" and "still waiting" from a confirmation from the PA dropbox email.

Nothing synced to my dropbox folder on here yet.

Hi MorePyPlease,

It seems like our automated accepting of shares is broken. Thanks Dropbox! I've manually accepted it now.

Thanks :) All good and happy now!

Excellent, thanks for confirming that :-)

Hi, accept my invatation, please.

Hi kaasnake, can you email with your dropbox username / real name please.

Hi there! I'm having the same problem as mkalika: I made a request and did sharing and had the confirmation. But the Sharing status of the folder in Dropbox shows "Still waiting".

Hope your help will sort things out :) Thanks, victor

@victorinox, I can't find the share email anywhere. Could you drop an email to with your dropbox email and username, so I can find it? Thanks.


I am unable to see my dropbox files after I made new request...status is "still waiting"

These should now be syncing. let me know if everything looks ok.


Getting this same problem - no invite email when sharing folder in dropbox. I've previously used a freebie account on here and was able to share the folder fine. I've since taken out a paid account (under a different email address, as wanted it for personal use rather than work), and can't get the folder to share with this new account. Can someone take a look please?



Hey Rob, we have a confirmed Dropbox email address for your account. Is everything working as expected now?

Still not showing up. Is the share confirmed on both my python anywhere accounts?

For the benefit of others reading this - my problem was fixed by support. Was down to complications arising from having two python_anywhere accounts trying to sync to the same dropbox folder.