Hi guys, am completely new to python anywhere. Am having difficulty using the pandas datareader module. From my little research, I noticed that we should import modules using the bash console. Kindly help me out.

You should be able to install the module using this command in a bash console (changing 2.7 to the version of Python you want to use it with:

pip2.7 install --user pandas-datareader

There's more about installing Python modules for yourself on this help page.

One thing to be aware of -- free PythonAnywhere accounts only have access to a specific set of websites. The bulk of the pandas-datareader sites are probably on there, but some might not be -- let us know if any of the ones you try don't work.

Doing this also includes numpy and matplotlib if I'm not mistaken.

Those are already installed on PythonAnywhere, so it shouldn't need to -- but yes, if (say) you're working in a virtualenv, so you don't have access to the system packages, then if will install them too.

Try with:

from import DataReader

(Yahoo dosen't work. Try with google)

Good point about Yahoo -- they seem to have closed many of their APIs for financial data over the last week.