How to share jupyter with people who don't have pythonanywhere accounts?

My jupyter notebook runs on my own account. How to share it with other people without logging in? I want them to run the cells.

I don't think there's a Jupyter-specific way of doing that, at least not on PythonAnywhere. You'd probably be best off extracting the code to a separate Python file, and then building a simple website to provide access to it.

+1 Easy sharing of notebooks would be useful. Even better if they were password protected.

Thanks for the suggestion! It's something we're thinking about; the big problem is security. People can embed JavaScript in notebooks, so if they're served via, then they could share a notebook with you that can access cookies -- including session cookies -- and store them for later use. That would mean that an attacker could highjack your PythonAnywhere account, which would obviously be a bad thing!

There are definitely possible solutions -- we just need to work out what they are.

Hello everyone,

is there any news about it?

no news I'm afraid.

This is my dream: have a website with jupyter notebooks as interactive web pages (interactive ebooks?) for teachers of python, computational thinking, math, physic, machine learning, ... but I don't know the way.

That would be really nice -- still not sure how one would solve the session hijacking problem, though.

sharing notebooks would be really useful... some kind of shared time-limited logon token for shared sessions?