CSS Doesn't update

Hello everybody. I have a flask app and I deploy some changes to style.css file frequently. As I mentioned, nothing changes in the website. I can even erase everything in css file but will still work. I am reloading my website every time I hange something in pythoneverywhere. Need help.

Have you tried doing a full reload in your browser? It's possible that it's caching the CSS files. To do a full reload in Chome or Firefox, just hold down the Shift key while clicking the reload button.

Had the same problem. Giles fixed it! Thanks :)


Great solution. This issue was driving me crazy. Thanks :-)

Giles, this problem is likely to be very common. Perhaps you should include your solution in PA documentation

We could do -- hard to work out exactly where, though.

Thanks so much! Became hopeless until this answer!

this is a god send ... stuck for two days trying to resolve this issue !! thank you giles