Reset CPU free account

Hi guys,

I have used 100% of my CPU today, 129s on 100s. You reset all my configuration ? or just the CPU ?

Hi there,

When you hit your CPU quota we put your processes into a "tarpit" -- this slows them down, but doesn't kill them. We reset the quota (and take any processes that are still running out of the tarpit), every 24 hours. We don't kill any processes in normal circumstances (although we do reserve the right to kill your processes if you have massively exceeded your limit, eg 10x over).

more info on the tarpit

Ok thanks :).

So if I have a limit of 100 CPU seconds, then my processes can be killed at 1000? And if I have a limit of 2000 CPU seconds, then at 20000?

That is correct.

60% used – 60.85 s out of 100 s. Resets in 11 hours and 21 minutes. So, in eleven hours my console will close?

No, that is when you CPU usage resets. It does not affect your consoles.