Can't spawn console if

I can't spawn console if using the firefox with SOCKS proxy setting seted.


Thanks for the heads-up! That's a bit strange, I would have thought it would work -- our consoles connect back using SocketIO, which tries to use WebSockets and then if that fails uses HTTP polling -- both of those should be fine over SOCKS. We'll investigate.

Having done a bit of research into this it seems that it is possible to work around proxies that don't understand Websockets by sending everything over SSL. Watch this space!

Have you timeline for implement this feature?


Well, we introduced secure websockets into our testing environment on Friday and they have run happily over the weekend. So we should be able to release them to the world this week. The bad news is that this is unlikely to fix your problem with Firefox not connecting .

See these two bugs:

websockets proxy should not assume SOCKS

websockets bootstrap via proxy should always CONNECT

Until these are fixed I don't think Firefox will be able to connect over a websocket. Chrome might be able to though. I can connect through proxy servers to PythonAnywhere if I use Chrome.

One other thing that you might want to try is disabling websockets and seeing if one of the fallback options (like flashsockets, or xhr-polling) work. You can disable websockets by visiting "about:config", and changing the value of "network.websocket.enabled" to "false". I haven't tested this but I can imagine that it might work!